Stamper Force Resistant Jelly and Stencil Scraper
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❤   Jelly Stamper/Scraper + Black, White Sticky Stamp Polishes Set of 4 (Amazon)

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JELLY STAMPER. SheModern‘s clear jelly stamper has acetone proof base and top, meaning artists can wipe clean polish at the base holder and top of the cap with acetone to remove smudging polishes and keeping the bottom clean for best see through stamping placement.  No more worry about cloudy base when rub with acetone polish remover.

STENCIL SCRAPERS. SheModern‘s reusable stencil scrapers  allow artists to quickly create and carve basic stamping blocks using all sides creatively, result in cool look of endless combination stamping nail designs. Easy clean up with acetone and save for next use.  Dimension for each whole stencil pattern is around 2 in by 3 in.

CREATIVE USES. Great for nail artist to quickly create and self carving cool artistic patterns with a thin layer of sticky stamping polish spread over the clear jelly stamper, result in endless stamping nail pattern. Best use with SheModern sticky stamping polishes. Can be used as carving stencil tool or use the straight side as stamping polish scraper.

APPLICATION. Apply polish over big solid block stamping plate image, scrape off excess polish, pick up image with jelly stamper, and play with creative carving using any side pattern of choice.  Stamp the carving shape polish over the nail canvas. Optional steps for artists can take advantage of the sticky stamping polish shape to play with the pigment/glitter coloring before top off with clear top coat.

REUSABLE. Stencils are made of durable, strong plastic material. Stamping stencil scrapers can be used from both side.  Best use with SheModern sticky stamping polishes for easy apply thin layer with clean carving pattern cut.

SATISFACTION. Stamping stencil scrapers are reusable with many creative carving block shapes using all sides.  Easy clean away polish residue with acetone and save for next reuse.

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12 reviews for Stamper Force Resistant Jelly and Stencil Scraper
Choice of 1 Set

  1. mary (verified owner)

    Great products!

  2. Susan (verified owner)

    I love this stamper. It picked up great everytime.

  3. Katelyn Tucker (verified owner)

    This stamper is a game changer! Very little pressure is needed when using, and it’s some makes stamping very very easy.

  4. Laura D. (verified owner)

    Not too firm yet not flimsy. Perfect

  5. denise n. (verified owner)

    These stampers are absolutely the best on the market for me! And then they made them even better by coating them or somehow making , I believe it’s the bottom, acetone safe! No more tossing out stampers because you spilled some acetone right where your stampers were sitting! Then they get clouded up and you can’t see! I have a very prominent curve to my mail both directions. The problem is the side to side. These stampers can take the pressure as I hold it on my mail and have to roll way under one side all the way to the other! Superb stamper! These are my favorite and there is no beating the customer service here! They truly are passionate about everyone being creative! Great shop!

  6. Esther R. (verified owner)

    Excellent stamper! I was finally able to get straight lines for a plaid design. I’m very happy and would definitely recommend!

  7. mary (verified owner)

  8. Sonya F. Jenkins (verified owner)

    I really like this scraper card, The edges make for some interesting images. I adore this card.

  9. Sonya Jenkins (verified owner)

    I ordered two (2) of these forced resistance stampers and I recently used them and they worked great. The pickup with the stamper was so easy. I just placed an order to get one more stamper. Thanks!

  10. Johna Farley (verified owner)

    love it

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    These make the cutest French manis. Perfect lines every time with the heart and zig zags.

  12. Dizzinese

    I just got my first order and I was very pleasantly stunned when I opened up the box!!!! I could only afford a few things at a time so I started with the basics. I ordered a small order from here and then a small order for basic sticky stamping polish from Amazon I took photos of this order from shemodern In 2 photos . One showing what I ordered and one showing how much they included for free as a gift. It’s one thing and rare, to get a gift with an order. But I received more in free items than I ordered! This is amazing and shows the love that they have for their customers and for their products. Such kindness is great in everywhere but for my personal story it was monumental. I’ll be back for sure since I believe in their quality and their kindness is fantastic! They are excited for you to try this and Tina does a beautiful job with the design videos! .thank you shemodern from the bottom of my heart! I took photos I’ll see where I can find somewhere to post them Thank you again shemodern!🙏🏻❤️💅🏻

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