Sparkle Crystal Flakes
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❤  CREATIVE USES. Allow nail artist to quickly add shimmer sparkle over the sticky stamping image nail arts.  Little amount of sparkle crystal flakes is needed by loosely sprinkle over the sticky stamping image that need a touch of glittering effect and still allow see through polish colors of the underneath stamping images.

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❤  6 COLORS. SheModern Sparkle Crystal Flakes are sheer micro flakes that appear white in the bottle but after applied clear gloss top coat will turn to transparent clear which add beautiful sparkling effect to any sticky stamping image polish colors and have identifiable labels, each in a 5g/5ml volume clear bottle: Blue, Green, Purple, Rose, White, White.

❤  APPLICATION. Loosely sprinkle sparkle flakes over sticky stamping images as dry coloring, then brush off excess loose dust before protect the beautiful shimmer image with clear gloss top coat.

❤  SATISFACTION. Little goes a long way with quick and easy dispensing bottle tip dispense directly on the nail design for creative shimmering fun.  Beautiful sparkle crystal flakes are stored in a clear, see through 5g/5mL volume bottles with convenient, no mess, no waste, no spill tips, protected by an easy push-and-turn secured locking caps.  To dispense pigment, just push and turn the cap counter clockwise, have the bottle upside down and slightly tap the bottom.  Dimension for each bottle is 0.75 in by 2 in.

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Choice of 4”

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