Glue + Slip Gels
30 Seconds Light Cure, Use With Gel Polish

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Breath life to the artworks by adding beautiful dry glitter and/or pigment coloring using She Modern’s Glue Gels and Slip Gels, formerly known as Grip Gel, for easy foil art decal layering.  LED light cure for 30 seconds.  Come in 9ml bottles with easy long grip handle brushes.

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(Demo) Valentine Love Foil Hearts Nail Art

1_ (Minute) Sheer Water Drops 3-D Nail Art

(Minute) Gradient Glitter Stripe Stencil Gel Nail Art

1_ (Minute) Daisy Flower Foil Nail Art

2_ (Minute) Daisy Flower Foil Nail Art

3_ (Minute) Daisy Flower Foil Nail Art


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15 reviews for Glue + Slip Gels
30 Seconds Light Cure, Use With Gel Polish

  1. Jillian Lewis (verified owner)

    the glue gel is the best! It holds the glitter on great and has so many uses. A must have shemodern product!

  2. Sheree Michaels (verified owner)

    I love the gel glue, glitter etc doesn’t stand a chance.

  3. Sarah K. (verified owner)

    Really amazing product I use it for all my glitter pigment and foil strips it’s the best Iv used for all these things💃🏼

  4. Michelle Rizzi (verified owner)

    These are perfect for their intended uses and for transfer foils

  5. Cheri P. (verified owner)

    Love,love you products

  6. Clarice (verified owner)

    Perfect! ❤️

  7. Aggie (verified owner)

    I’ve used these on decals,glitters, nail foils and they never fail me, such good quality formula, nothing else works for me as well as this does

  8. Melinda Allen (verified owner)

    I am obsessed with their grip glue and glue gel. I won’t use anyone else’s.

  9. Brandi M. (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing for so many things.

  10. Cindi Bruessel (verified owner)

    Grip works great for foils. Never have a problem with it.

  11. Donya DeLeva (verified owner)

    I personally have never worked with a product like this, until recently. And I will not try or use any other product because this product is simply wonderful and makes my job a lot easier! If you have foils and pigments I highly suggest buying these two products!

  12. Cathy Wellman (verified owner)

    Really nice to use makes everything stick great

  13. Louise Hendriksen (verified owner)

    I use this for so many things!

  14. Suzanne D. (verified owner)

    Both the glue gel and grip gel work extremely well. They are my go toos!

  15. Megan Y. (verified owner)

    The glue gel is perfect for advanced stamping!

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