Glitter HOLO Flash and Pixie
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❤  CREATIVE USES. Great for nail artist to quickly create beautiful, sparkling glitter nail art with the dry coloring technique over the sticky stamping polish, result in cool endless combination of glittering nail designs.  Little amount of use is needed and apply evenly just over the image that need dry glittering cover, remember to brush off loose excess glitter before apply top coat to create sparkling glitter effect.

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❤  COLORS. SheModern glitter holo flash and pixie sparkle have identifiable labels, each in a 5g/5ml volume clear bottle of beautiful sparkling holo colors of: Black, Blue, Brown, Champagne, Golden, Gray, Green, Lime, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Rose, Silvery, Teal, Gold Pixie, Silver Pixie.

❤  APPLICATION. Quickly apply glitter holo over sticky stamping image, after transfer on nail canvas and press, rub, press, rub, spreading around to fill up glitter over the sticky image, then brush off excess loose dust before protect the beautiful sparkling glitter image with top coat.

❤  SATISFACTION. Super small size glitter with premium quality, fade resistant, solvent resistant, give amazing sparkling rainbow effect under direct sun light or strong light source. Little goes a long way with quick and easy dispensing bottle tip dispense directly on the nail design or over a mixing canvas for creative glittering fun.  Glitter store in a clear, see through 5g/5mL volume bottles with convenient, no mess, no waste, no spill tips, protected by an easy push-and-turn secured locking caps.  To dispense glitter, just push and turn the cap counter clockwise, then turn the bottle upside down and slightly tap the bottom.  Dimension for each bottle is 0.75 in by 2 in.

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15 reviews for Glitter HOLO Flash and Pixie
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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Sooooo pretty!

  2. Susan (verified owner)

    The silver holo was amazing. I couldn’t believe how great it was.

  3. Jessica H. (verified owner)

    I chose the red glitter so I can create pretty rose designs! The glitter is so stunning in person!

  4. Jessica H (verified owner)

    This was my first Glitter Pixie and I absolutely love red. This was so easy to use, a beginner could easily use this to create a beautiful mani! It is the perfect red for roses, holidays, any design!

  5. denise n. (verified owner)

    I haven’t had time to try the wonderful powders that I have yet. A car accident has taken all my time. But I can say that all of the products here are very well thought out and tested and there are fantastic videos available in the store to see how the product is used as well as a YouTube channel that there are lives done I think twice a week so you can ask questions and watch some amazing art by Tina. She is the owner and one of the kindest most gracious ppl I know. You can hear the passion in her voice about everyone creating mini art canvases on the nail. She is a gracious person as well and has given me free goodies everytime I place an order. I don’t think you’ll see any of these type of powders and products anywhere, except for sticky stamping polish which is just now coming out elsewhere. But it started here! So it has been used and tested and reformulated to always give you the very best product! You can’t go wrong with shemodern products!

  6. Lori N. (verified owner)

    Love these glitters. Super easy to use and wonderfully sparkly!

  7. Sonya F. Jenkins (verified owner)

    I will use when I create Christmas nail art designs. This product will give the Christmas ornaments the glittery effect and will stand out on the nails.

  8. Kayla Patterson (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful glitter. It’s a fine cut, so it sticks beautifully to the sticky stamping polish!

  9. Jane Cranor (verified owner)

    The glitter holo is amazing! I have 2 colors and I can’t wait to add to my collection! It works so well with the SheModern sticky stamping polish.

  10. Laurie B. (verified owner)

    Great shine from the silver, a little goes a long way, just tap on the bottom on the bottle, it’s that easy. Pat into image with a clean fingertip

  11. TINA FITZPATRICK (verified owner)

    The silver! Omg want to use this on some many stamped images.

  12. kitty lo

    The pigments are great. Awesome color payoff but the best thing about this is the container!! So clever and practically mess free!! So easy to use without fear of powders getting every where.

  13. Jillian (verified owner)

    The radiant glitters are stunning! The colors are gorgeous and its a super fine glitter. The bottles they come in are very handy and you rarely have anything spill or wasted. I love everything about these!

  14. Jillian Lewis (verified owner)

    these glitters are beautiful. There’s so many different colors to chose from. I love them

  15. Erica Sizemore (verified owner)

    Beautiful colors they worked great and very pigmented.

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