Glitter Holo
4 Colors of Choice

(11 customer reviews)

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(Demo) Glittering Floral Vine Stamping Nail Art

1_ (Demo) Glittering Wavy Foil Nail Art

(Demo) Gradient Glitter Stripe Stencil Gel Nail Art

(Demo) Glitter Color Stencil Hearts Nail Art Over Black Gel


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11 reviews for Glitter Holo
4 Colors of Choice

  1. Jillian Lewis (verified owner)

    The holo is stunning!! theyre the finest glitters I’ve ever used. They’re great for vanishing into the nail as well as sugaring. The possibilities are endless!

  2. Debi Melancon (verified owner)

    Easy application for as much or as little sparkle as I want. They’re cut nice and small too which means that only one or two top coats (depending on how thick) is all that is needed to get a smooth feel on the finished mani.

  3. Michelle Rizzi (verified owner)

    These are absolutely stunning. I love that all they need is a topcoat to smooth out the nail

  4. Clarice (verified owner)

    Super pretty and glittery!

  5. Michelle Rizzi (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning holo in these glitters. You can’t go wrong

  6. Aggie (verified owner)

    I !I’ve these glitters, I’ll definitely be getting more colours, they burnished into my nails gorgeous and they sparkle like crazy! Stunning 😍

  7. Brandi M. (verified owner)

    The best holographic fine glitter. Looooove

  8. Donya DeLeva (verified owner)

    OMG!!! The Holo that is in these mixes is simply stunning! I intend to continue buying them until I have the complete collection!

  9. Louise Hendriksen (verified owner)

    I loooooove the colors

  10. Monica (verified owner)

    I very pleased with my purchases. From the glitters, stencils and pigments you can never go wrong with anything you pick. I’m just upset with myself for taking so long to decide to buy. I recommend SheModern

  11. Omneya Andrea Acosta Dhmaid (verified owner)

    I will be using these with the stencils. Who doesn’t like glitter?

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