Gel Non-Stick Top + Sticky Glue Polish
Choice of 1 Bottle


❤  SATIN TOP + GLOSS TOP + MATTE TOP + STICKY GLUE.  Non-Stick Satin gel top with soft shine finish.  Non-Stick Gloss gel top with high gloss shine finish. Non-Stick Matte gel top with no shine finish. Sticky Glue gel with adhesive layer provide sticky surface for creative dry coloring of pigment and glitter quickly and easily.  All 4 clear gel types need to cure under LED/UV light for 60 seconds for long lasting wear of over 2 weeks that will not chip or easily peel. Each gel bottle volume is 12ml.

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❤  APPLICATION.  Quickly and easily use as creative DIY coloring for craft arts and nail art designs with instant cure to harden wet gel under UV/LED gel light without long wait dry time because th