3 – Mix Set
2 Pearl + 2 Glitter

$ 27

Breath life to the artworks by adding colors to your creative nail designs with these bright, rich, vibrant liquid Water Paints, formulated with water based ingredients, eco friendly, cruelty free, safe on skin, no latex, non toxic, easy clean up with just water in wet or dry state, great use as creative watercolor nail arts coloring over regular polishes or gels.

These are quick air dry, once dry, colors stay put thus any clear top coat can apply over without worry about smearing or smudging. Clean Water Color Paint brush and mixing canvas quickly and easily with water, just that simple. Come in 5mL size squeezable bottles with dropper tips and easy push-and-turn secured locking caps for quick, easy dispensing on a mixing canvas then using any art brushes with just water clean up.

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(Demo) Flamingos Love Water Paint Coloring Stamping Nail Art

(Demo) Glittering Color Rose Stamping Nail Art

(Demo) Ethereal Galaxy Garden Pearl-Pastel Water Paint Coloring Nail Art

(Demo) Ethereal Galaxy Garden Jelly-Glitter Water Paint Coloring Nail Art


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2 Pearl + 2 Glitter”

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