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❤  Glow In-The-Dark Gel Polishes Sets (Amazon)

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COLORS. SheModern Glow in the dark Clear Gel Polishes have clear identifiable labels. Need to cure under UV/LED gel light for 60 seconds to harden.  Each gel bottle volume is 12ml for colors:  Clear – Blue Luminance Glow, Clear – Blue Galaxy Stars Glow, Clear – Green Luminance Glow, Clear – Green Galaxy Stars Glow.

❤ CREATIVE USES.  Nail artist can quickly add nice touch of glowing effect as base layer or over top layer of nail arts that need a touch of glowing fun with the glowing gels.  Glowing need to be charged under Daylight Sunlight or Special LED/UV gel light. NOTE: White (or light) color gel base is the best base for a brighter glow in-the-dark effect.

❤ APPLICATION.  Apply clear gel glow in the dark polish over whole nail or part of the nail design and cure under UV/LED gel light for 60 seconds and then apply clear gel top coat.  Quickly and easily use as creative glowing fun for nail art designs with instant cure to harden wet gel under UV/LED gel light without long wait dry time because this is not air dry.

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2 reviews for ♥ Gel GLOW In-The-Dark Clear Polish
Choice of 1

  1. Nanette Rodriguez (verified owner)

    These glow gel polishes work great! I have both the Luminance and Galaxy Star. Once charged they really last a long time. I wake up in the night and they are still glowing.

  2. Katelyn Tucker (verified owner)

    The glow and starry grainy texture are stunning! I absolutely love the effect that the granules create in this gorgeous glowing gel!

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