♦ Watercolor Jelly Shifting Aquatic Polishes
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❤ CREATIVE USES. Great for nail artist to add beautiful vibrant jelly with blue aquatic shifting colors to stamping nail arts without worry about detailed images from smearing or smudging. Best use as wet coloring over black outline image and white background or over white stamping image. Use watercolors separately or mixed with other watercolors, water based polishes from SheModern other collections.

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24 COLORS. SheModern Sheer Jelly Aquatic Shifting Watercolors are air dry water based polishes, show up beautiful colors over white base image/polish and have clear identifiable labels, each in a 5ml bottle for colors:  Black, Blue, Brown, Caramel, Clear, Coral, Emerald, Grass, Green, Lemon, Lime, Mango, Olive, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Ruby, Sapphire, Sienna, Teal, Violet, White, Yellow.

APPLICATION. Creative wet coloring over stamped image or create loose background coloring over the whole nail surface. Little goes a long way, use a small detailed brush to pick up and apply colors over white stamping image or black outlines, let dry completely before protected with regular top or gel top. Easy clean up with water when wet and acetone polish remover after dry.  NOTE: Need to shake to mix well the liquid bottle if left unused for many hours due to pigment concentration separation settle downward.

SATISFACTION. SheModern watercolor polishes is air dry, vibrant colors, little goes a long way with quick dry time, easy thin out colors with water, easy clean up with water when still wet, blend colors well together when wet and dry to water resistant, no color smear or smudge after dry. Best use with SheModern sticky stamping polishes collections. Suitable to apply over natural nails, fake nails, artificial nails, acrylic nails and let air dry.


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Choice of 4”

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