♦ Wash + Rub Cuticle Nail Guard Stamping Barrier, Latex Free
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1.   Cuticle Nail Guard Wash/Rub + Clear Satin Stamping Sealer Polishes Set of 2 (Amazon)

2.   Cuticle Nail Guard Wash/Rub + Black Sticky Stamping Polishes Set of 2 (Amazon)

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Bottle Size. SheModern Cuticle Wash + Rub Nail Guard, Latex Free Stamping Barrier and Skin Protector are water based air dry polishes, have quick dry time, washable with easy Wash + Rub off with water and clear identifiable labels, in two size option of small 5ml and big 15ml bottles.

❤ CREATIVE USES. Wash Away The Mess! An eco-friendly, water-based, washable skin barrier with non-latex products.  An alternative choice for nail artists who allergic to latex and looking for a non-latex cuticle nail guard products to protect cuticle from stamping, gradient and marbling polish mess.

APPLICATION.  Apply thin layer of Wash + Rub Cuticle Nail Guard liquid around cuticle and let air dry to clear before stamping.  To remove the dry up barrier just wet finger with water and wait about 15 seconds to see the clear barrier turn milky white which make it easy to rub off and remove the excess along with any polish mess on top.  Quick, easy clean up with just water and it is just fun to use, safe on skin.  An eco-friendly, alternative products from other latex peel off brand.  Give this cool products a try and see how you like it.

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3 reviews for ♦ Wash + Rub Cuticle Nail Guard Stamping Barrier, Latex Free
Choice of 1

  1. Susan Muscio (verified owner)

    It is great stuff. Kept my side wall clean.

  2. Nanette Rodriguez (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic alternative for those with latex allergies.

  3. Esther

    This stuff is amazing! I have tried a few other latex free cuticle protectors and never liked them. You only need a little of this at a time, you don’t need to put multiple layers for it to come off, it dries fast, if you flex your fingers when it’s dry it doesn’t flake and if you touch your fingers together after it’s dry, it doesn’t stick to itself. Those were all issues I had with other latex free products and I’m happy this has none of the issues. I haven’t tried it with water marbling but for stamping it’s for sure really awesome. I found the fingers that had a thicker layer of stamping polish on them needed a bit more soak time to be able to rub off but it was a very quick process to remove. Like less than 2 minutes to take it off both hands. Even less if you have less stamping polish on your skin. I highly recommend this product!!

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