♥ Sticky Jelly Neon (Big 15mL) Stamping Polishes
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CREATIVE USES. SheModern Neon Jelly Sticky Stamping Polishes available in two size option for small 5mL and big 15mL bottles.  These sticky stamping polishes pick up fine, thin lines well from most stamping plates and is good for beginner or advanced stamping artists to have more fun time pick up and transfer image without worry about quick dry time when compare to other brands stamping polish. Sticky stamping polish start to dry up as it exposed to air but stay sticky for a while and allow artists to easily play with pigment, glitter and foil transfer as creative dry coloring.  White (or light) color base is the best base for a brighter colors to show up due to the sheer jelly nature of these vibrant neon fluorescent sticky stamping polishes. NOTE: If want the Clear Jelly Sticky Stamping Polish, please choose option #21.

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20 COLORS. SheModern Neon Jelly Sticky Stamping Polishes are air dry sticky stamping polishes, show up beautiful bright fluorescent colors over white base image/polish and have clear identifiable labels, each in a big 15ml bottle for colors: Apple, Berry, Blue, Coral, Emerald, Fuchsia, Green, Kiwi, Lemon, Lime, Mango, Marine, Orange, Peacock, Pink, Purple, Red, Rose, Teal, Yellow.  NOTE: If want the Clear Jelly Sticky Stamping Polish, please choose option #21.

APPLICATION. Apply polish over stamping plate image, scrape off excess polish, pick up image with jelly stamper, then transfer over dry nail surface. If dry coloring with pigment or glitter over top the sticky image, then brush off excess dust well before apply air dry top coat or gel top coat.  NOTE: To prevent smearing/smudging image when apply regular air dry top coat (not gel top coat), highly recommend to apply a thin layer of the clear (matte or satin) watercolor water based stamping sealer over the stamping image and let completely air dry before top off with any regular top coat to avoid smearing or smudging.

SATISFACTION. SheModern sticky stamping polishes pick up and transfer well detailed images with a light sticky touch for creative dry coloring using pigment/glitter.  ATTENTION. These are unique STICKY stamping polishes and are not comparable to other brands NON-STICK polishes. If nail artists are looking for QUALITY stamping polishes, please give these a try but if looking and comparing for QUANTITY volume with other similar but not the same products then you will be disappointed. What differentiate these from others are how well the stamping quality and allow fun, creative application of pigment, glitter and foil transfer, no need for sticky base.


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Choice of 2”

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