♥ Gel Sticky Glue Gel Polishes for Pigment and Glitter
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❤  Sticky Glue Gel Polishes Sets (Amazon)

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STICKY GELS. SheModern Sticky Base Adhesive Glue Gel Polishes have identifiable labels, each in a 12ml volume bottle for colors: Clear Glitter, Clear Pigment and White Pigment.

CREATIVE USES: SheModern Clear and Opaque White Sticky Base Glue Gel Polishes have unique dry adhesive sticky touch formula for creative dry coloring of pigment powder and glitter quickly and easily.   Clear transparent sticky gel allow underneath color polish show through beautifully and the white opaque sticky gel is good base for dry coloring with color pigment.  Need to cure under LED gel light for 60 seconds to harden.  Need to seal with gel top coat at the end to protect well the underneath art designs for long lasting result.

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Choice of 4”

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