Hello Future Angel Investors and Partners

Looking to go public and partner up with interested, professional Angel Investors to grow and expand She Modern’s art brand

Build a lasting business is a great challenge and need lots of capital funding at the start-up stage to keep the business growing strong moving forward.  She Modern has been raising initial seed money from close family/friends who show great support and believe in She Modern’s success.  At this well-structured business stage, we are open to partner and accepting serious, professional investment funding from accredited angel investors to ensure stronger growth of She Modern’s brand worldwide.

Why you may want to invest in She Modern

  • Support an artistic online community worldwide where talented artists get inspired to create beautiful artworks quickly and easily using She Modern’s artistic products.
  • Growing fan base with good brand awareness worldwide and a well established business structured that already have the momentum going.
  • Good feed backs and high rating reviews from customers/artists who used She Modern ‘s creative nail art products.  Brand viral popularity is strongly present on the popular Instagram social network and YouTube videos sharing by many fans, artists and customers.
  • Solid business structure that build to last with an ever growing success opportunity that has both distribution present on SheModern.com website and Amazon.com market place.


VISION: She Modern ‘s vision is to establish a well known artistic brand that inspire worldwide artists to quickly and easily create aesthetically pleasing artworks with She Modern’s cool art products.

MISSION: She Modern ‘s mission is to inspired others, unlocking their inner creativity and artistic talent to create beautiful artworks on nail canvases when applying the universal principles of designs and color harmony, using She Modern’s quality art products.

OBJECTIVES: To establish a well known, creative nail art brand that will imprint in the minds of all nail art lovers worldwide. To manufacture and provide customers with quality and cool products that will aid others in creating beautiful arts themselves. To create and market a unique brand that will serve as a conversation piece in person, at events, and through all social media platforms. To create wide range of unique art products unlike anything currently available in the market.


UNIQUENESS: She Modern offer many unique art products that are not yet readily seen elsewhere in the beauty market. Because we own state-of-the-art productions for these cool, new products, customers and artists will expect to see an ever growing collection with many choices to choose from.

QUALITY: She Modern always focus on quality products offering and paying close attention to details during products research, artistic creation, professional image photography, excellence videography with well structured, instructional, how-to presentation demos.

BRAND: She Modern logo is trademark, serves as memorable interest in the beauty market. With slogans such as ‘Creative Nail Arts’ nail artists worldwide will be drawn out of curiosity towards the products.

Executive Summary

  • She Modern is offering unique fun art experience, attracting passionate artists worldwide, coming together, building an artistic community where talented nail artists get inspired and empowered to create beautiful designs on nail canvases quickly and easily using She Modern’s cool nail art products.
  • She Modern will become the lead manufacture and distribution company for all of She Modern’s unique nail art products with brand logo trademarked and cool, unique products recognition worldwide.
  • She Modern will establish a well known, artistic beauty brand in USA and around the world and always focus on quality products and building growing loyal brand awareness fan base worldwide.

About the Founder/Artist

Tina is a visionary and a highly creative individual with over 15 years experience as graphic/web designer along with skills in videography, education, and business operation.

Tina ‘s passion for creative nail arts began with the love of observing surrounding beauty and colors. She was mesmerized with the well structured visual arts when seeing talented artists applying design principles on large canvases paintings and was thinking why not apply the same universal design principles to the mini nail canvases. And so she set out to inspired other nail artists around the world to also able to easily create aesthetically pleasing nail artworks.

It’s all started with an idea where Tina’s vision for SheModern.com ‘s Creative Nail Arts online present is where it is now, an established, well structured, business start-up at its early stage. She has accomplished much and is excited with anticipation for more achievements looking forward for what the future hold for She Modern.

Serious, professional angel investors who love beauty and arts, interested in partner with and support capital seed investment to grow She Modern’s expansion can contact us using the form below

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