Colorful Floral Spring Foil Nail Design

Colorful Floral Spring Foil Nail Design

Quick, Easy, Beautiful Nail Arts. Sky Is The Limit. Creativity Is Up To The Creative Nail Artist Imagination.


Apply Single-Layer Foil Nail Art

1. Apply white or light gel polish color and cured under LED light. Then brush on the Grip Gel and cured under LED light for 30 seconds to protect the base color and also leaving a wet tacky layer over top for easy positioning.

2. Trim out art close to the outline with small slit-cut all around so foil is flatten well with slight overlapping when place over any curve nail surface.

3. Wet the foil back with water and leave for 20 seconds to release the clear thin art film from the white paper.

4. Pick up the wet foil art easily with a clean jelly stamper and dab dry over a soft tissue napkin.

5. Position the foil over the tacky nail and use a silicone pen tip to slightly move the arts in desired position. Flatten well the outer foil by gently pushing the pen tip outward the clear art film outline.

6. For One-Layer foil nail art, complete the design with no-wipe gel top coat. However, for a Double-Layer or even a Triple-Layer foil art, apply another coat of Grip Gel and cure under LED light for 30 seconds.

Apply Double-Layer Foil Nail Art

7. For Double-Layer foil art, repeat steps 4 and 5 and place more over top as overlapping art.

8. Complete the Double-Layer foil art with a no-wipe gel top coat and cure under LED light for 60 seconds.

9. The completed foil nail art is beautiful just as is. Or creative nail artist can go the extra steps of breathing life to the design by adding color to it.

Apply Color To Foil Art with Binding Powder, Water And Pigment

The benefit of mixing the binding powder + water + glitter/pigment is safe, non-toxic, fun to create own water-color paint, and is air-dry / fan dry quickly. And the best thing is the color does not smear when brush over with wet top coat. As compare to the Sharpie marker coloring, when apply either gel or regular top coat over top, the color will smear and does not result in clean, colorful nail arts.

10. Quick and easy method of adding color to any foil art or even stamping polish art is to mix the Dry-Color Binder (Powder + Water = Glue) with fine glitter/pigment. The Dry-Color Binder Powder from She Modern is fun to create water-base color paint.

11. Mix a ratio 1:1 of glitter/pigment to Binder Powder. Wet a small art brush with water and mix well to create colorful paint. Thicken paint is controlled by the nail artist when mixing powder and water together. More binding powder + less water = thicken paint. Less binding powder + more water = more diluted paint, good for a sheer, translucent color effect.

12. Water-base binding powder paint is air dry. As water is evaporated from the color palette, nail artist can liquify the dry-up paint again by adding more water. This fun and safe water-base paint color method can be used over gel nail art or regular polish nail art outlines, foil or stamping. Thicken water-paint with less water will dry quickly or nail artists can speed up the dry time under a blowing mini fan. Make sure the water is evaporate and dry up well before sealing off with a clear top coat.

13. Apply and protect the dry-up, colorful water-paint with no-wipe gel clear top. Or with regular top coat if coloring nail arts with air-dry polish.

All Done. Beautiful Nail Arts

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