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She Modern is an online eCommerce beauty brand that attracted and inspired passionate artists worldwide to create beautiful designs on nail canvases quickly and easily using She Modern’s Creative Nail Art products.  

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Tina is a visionary and a highly creative individual with over 15 years experience as graphic/web designer along with skills in videography and education.

Tina ‘s passion for creative nail arts began with the love of observing surrounding beauty and colors. She was mesmerized with the well structured visual arts when seeing talented artists applying design principles on large canvases paintings and was thinking why not apply the same universal design principles to the mini nail canvases. And so she set out to inspired other nail artists around the world to also able to easily create aesthetically pleasing nail artworks.

It’s all started with an idea where Tina’s vision for SheModern.com ‘s Creative Nail Arts online present is where it is now, an established, well structured art brand.

She Modern is introducing new and better way of creating beautiful nail designs quickly and easily.  Nail artists now can create one-of-a-kind nail arts on their own with joy and fun.  Endless creative nail arts are at designers’ fingertips when playing with She Modern’s cool artistic products.  We offer unique art supplies of colorful Foil Art Water Decals + sparkling Glitter + Pigment + Tack Glues + Sealer Foil Shield + Gels + Matte Paints + Glue Gels + Water Color Paints + creative flexible/reusable StencilsGive the gift of beauty and creativity to friends, families with She Modern prepaid Gift Card.

Customers can now take advantage of the Free Shipping for USA Amazon Members when purchase She Modern ‘s Creative Nail Art product sets at Amazon Special price directly from Amazon.com.  Artists wish to use other nail related products as seen in video reviews and being demo along side She Modern’s nail art can purchase directly from these Amazon Affilicate Products. 

Click How-To for demo instructions, Instagram for photos sharing, Gallery for inspired nail art ideas.

Convenient and pleasant customers’ shopping experiences are She Modern’s objective goal.  Be confident that customers’ personal information are safe with PayPal and Square secured checkout payment options.  Free Shipping on total order over $49.

We are based in America, USA, and can assist with any questions or concerns you may have.  Please feel free to email She Modern using the form below.

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